Gamez by Taxcamp

           Some of my current projects. I work on a lot more but these are the somewhat finished ones.

                    GTA I pre- everything 

If GTA I had ugly graphics, only 2 cars and a tank, absolutely no 3D, a tiny gameworld, 3 weapons and no NPCs, it would still look better than this. 
I wanted to make it bigger, but the engine, I was using didn't allow it. (free version bullshit) Playable with keyboard and mouse
                    Use the mouse to aim.
                    Left click to shoot
                    WASD to control you character/ the car you are in
                    Press E, while touching a car to get in it
                    Press F to leave a car
                    Walk into poverups to collect them
                        Click here to play
 GTA II pre everything

The sequel to GTA I pre everything with a better map, more weapons and a somewhat existing purpose.
                Use WASD to walk
                  Use the Mouse to aim and the left mouse key to shoot
                    Use the number keys to change your weapons.
                Destroy the nuke so that the bad guys can't use it.
                    Click here to play

A game where you play a little thing, that flies around, avoiding death blocks and evil zombies. Playable with keyboard and mouse or touch controls.
                    Keyboard and mouse: Press the space bar to fly up. Left click on zombies to kill them.
                    Touch: Touch anywhere to fly up. Touch on zombies to kill them.
                        Click here to play

                    Back to the future driving game featuring absolutely no licenced content (Playable)

A game where you drive the Delorean from back to the future. Playable with keyboard.
                   Use the arrow keys or WASD to control the Delorean.
                    Use W + Arrow Up to drive to the future.
                    Use S + Arrow down to drive to the past.
                       Click here to play

Currently not playable (you can send me an email if you want to play them)


A spiritual sequel to GTA I and II pre everything with an actual plot and a bigger map (I finally bought the engine ;)

                    Ultimate Sandbox

A world of Sand like Sandbox game exploring the Physiks of Block2D


An endless runner where you have to avoid flying into cubes in a pseudo 3D world.


In a world where knowing how to code is enough to get you send to jail for being a hacker you have to proove that you aren't one. By hacking!

                    Banana Connection / BananaClickr

Kinda like Bitcoin Miner or Cookie Clickers but with bananas and a lot more depth.